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Two articles


On occasion of the release of the vinyl box ‘Acoustic & Ambient Spheres’, so far two articles appeared: ‘Emotionen sind das Parterre der Gedankenwelt’ (interview with Frank Fiedler) in: Mint, and ‘Ein ewig suchender Visionär in: Eclipsed

mint  eclipsed2021

Abstract & Reality


Abstract & Reality’ is the name of a new album by Frank Fiedler under the moniker of Popol Vuh Beyond (bandcamp).

'Vol.2 – Acoustic & Ambient Spheres’


Announced: ‘Vol.2 – Acoustic & Ambient Spheres’. 4LP box of ‘Cobra Verde’, ‘Agape-Agape Love-Love’, ‘Coeur de Verre’ and ‘Seligpreisung’. Estimated release date: 22 october 2021.


New Book: Future Sounds

popol vuh future sounds2021-07-10:

Again a new book on 'Krautrock' is published: 'Future Sounds' by Christoph Dallach.
No surprise a chapter on the Moog is included, focusing on early Popol Vuh with many statements by Frank Fiedler, Gerhard Augustin, a.o.


'Aguirre' by Leonardo Barbadoro

musica automata logos2021-05-28:

Italian musician Leonardo Barbadoro (aka Koolmorf Widesen) recorded music for his 'Musica Automata'-project played by the robots of the Logos-studio of Godfried Willem Raes. The album will contain his own compositions. But he recorded also some of his favourite film music. Listen here to his tasty rendition of the ‘Aguirre’-theme.