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Bell Musik released four Popol Vuh albums in 1990-1991.

´Florian spielt Mozart´ is the only original album released by this label and has Fricke playing works by Mozart

´The Best Soundtracks from Werner Herzog Films´ is a rerelease the compilation ´Music from Werner Herzog FIlms´ that originally appeared in 1982 on ZYX.

´Affenstunde´ is a rerelease of the original album, including title piece of the second album 'In Den Garten Pharaos'. Released on cassette and cd.

´Florian Fricke´ is a misleading release. Although not indicated on the cover or liner notes, this is a compilation of tracks taken from several albums. These titles have been translated of renamed in English. In the liner notes Gerhard Augustin falsely states here: “most of the recordings have not been released before”. But the opposite is the case. Tracks are taken from ‘Herz aus Glas’, ‘Einsjäger & Siebenjäder’and ‘Brüder des Schattens, Söhne de Lichts’

BLR 84 705 - Popol Vuh – Florian Fricke – 1991 – cd

BLR 84 706 - Popol Vuh – Affenstunde – 1991- cd

BLR 44 706 - Popol Vuh – Affenstunde - 1990 [ & 'In Den Garten Pharaos' - 17:26 ] - cs

BLR 84 710 - Popol Vuh – The Best Soundtracks from Werner Herzog Films – 1991 - cd

BLR 84 901 - Popol Vuh - Florian Fricke Spielt Mozart – 1991 - cd