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King Records is a Japanese recordlabel. Nexus is one of its sub labels. European Rock Collection is a reissue series of European  progrock releases from the 70s, issued on Nexus. 
Releases of this label started in 1984 with two compilations. Misleading insofar they used album titles  - ‘Aguirre’ and ‘Nosferatu’- and their respective front covers. The ´Aguirre´-compilation was released again in 1987 on cd. And once more, together with the ‘Nosferatu’-compilation in 1999, both on cd
In 1994-1995 King records rereleased six albums of Popol Vuh. A seventh one – ‘Coeur de Verre’ was released in 1999.
The 1984- and1987-releases, plus the 1999-rerelease of both compilations, are all licensed by Herald Music. All other releases are licensed by Spalax Music. 
European Rock Collection
Nexus K22P-425 - Aguirre (Wrath Of God) – compilation  - lp (Nexus International Part III)
Nexus K22P-471 - Nosferatu The Vampyre (Original Sound Track) – compilation – lp (Nexus International part IV) 
European Rock Collection
Nexus K32Y 2114  -  Aguirre (Wrath Of God)  - cd
European Rock Collection
Nexus KICP 2728  -  In Den Garten Pharaos – cd - 1994 
Nexus KICP 2729  -  Hosianna Mantra – cd - 1994 
Nexus KICP 2735  -  Einsjäger & Siebenjäger – cd  - 1994 
Nexus KICP 2741  -  Letzte Tage - Letzte Nächte - 1994 
Nexus KICP 2742  -  Das Hohelied Salomos – cd - 1994 
Nexus KICP 2804  -  Affenstunde – cd - 1995 
Nexus KICP 2842  -  Aguirre (Wrath Of God) ‎ - cd 
Nexus KICP 2843  -  Nosferatu The Vampyre (Original Sound Track) ‎- cd 
Nexus KICP 2844  - Coeur De Verre - cd


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