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After Uniton Records ceased activity, Opedal started a new label in 1985: Cicada Records. Again a small label with a similar focus. In 1985 the label presented its first release:

C001 – Spirit of Peace (lp and cassette)

The lp- version was produced in two versions, with different labels. A promosheet announces a rerelease of 'Agape Agape Love Love' withe catalogue number C002

In their Newsletter of September 1987 Cicada announced:

C011 - Gesang der Engel

Because Popol Vuh became involved in the soundtrack for a new Werner Herzog movie (‘Cobra Verde’), this album ended up as the soundtrack for this movie, released by Milan (See: Newsletter 1-88).

Newsletter 1-88 made also mentioning of forthcoming cd-releases of ‘Agape Agape’ and ‘Spirit of Peace’. These releases have not been realized.

The same newsletter announces also the release of the compilation:

CACD 01 - Gesang der Gesänge

This was an exclusive release for Cicada. Realized in 1988. However it was paralleled that same year with a cassette-release by Herman Bauer Verlag. This compilation was authorized by Fricke himself who did the remix and editing.