Brain Records was run by Bruno Wendel and Günter Körber in partnership with Metronome. They released three original Popol Vuh albums.

The label compiled several compilation albums, but none of them featured music by Popol Vuh. However they are present on the retrospective 8cdbox ‘The Brain Box – Cerebral Sounds Of Brain Records 1972-1979’, released by Universal in 2017

‘Herz aus Glas’ received a parallel release in 1977 on the French Egg label (different cover). The subtitle ‘Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wölfe...’ was the original title meant for this album, before it was decided to release it as the soundtrack to the film ‘Herz aus Glas’ by Werner Herzog.

‘Die Nacht der Seele’ was parallel released in 1979 by the Italian PDU-label.

‘Brüder des Schattens’ was released twice in 1978 by Brain Records. The second edition had the album with the ‘Nosferatu’-cover but the same catalogue number and label . See insert below

In 1978 ‘Brüder des Schattens’ appeared also on cassette. The album was also released in Japan in three different editions.

All three German releases have the orange of multicolor label, that followed up the green label that was used before 1977. Besides ‘Nosferatu’ has also been rereleased with a black label, which became the standard for Brain Records in the early 80s.

Of the Japanese releases one has a yellow and two have a blue label.

See pictures here.



0060.079 - Herz aus Glas – 1977 - lp [ coloured label ]

0060.167 - Brüdes des Schattens – 1978 - lp [ coloured label ]

0660.167 - Brüdes des Schattens – 1978 – cs

0060.167 - Nosferatu -1978 - Germany [ coloured label ]

0060.167 - Nosferatu - 1978 - Germany [ black label ]

0060.242 - Die Nacht der Seele – 1979 – lp


Brain/Teichiku SUX 168 - 1979 – lp [ with three different labels ]


Joseph D.Rowland (Pallbearer):

"Popol Vuh is one of my favorite bands of all time. I'm not really sure how I came across Popol Vuh years ago, but they have consistently stuck with me as one of the most atmosphere-filled music groups that's able to conjure up such an incredible feeling, a meditative feeling, with simple but with awesome melodies, hypnotic". (2013)

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