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Verlag Hermann Bauer was a publisher of books on spirituality and esoteric subjects, based in Freiburg im Breisgau. They also published the successful magazine ‘Esotera’. For this magazine Florian Fricke did an interview with Benjamin Creme, a Scottish artist, author, and esotericist who claimed the return of Christ.
(See: F.Fricke, Noch vor Ende 1983 wird Christus im Fernsehen zur Menschheit sprechen - Seher Benjamin Creme, in: Esotera, 2/1982).
The magazine published also a review of the Kailash-video: Michael Schaefer, Filmpoem Kailash - Ein Traum in Klängen und Bildern, in: Esoterik, nr.1, 1995

Besides the publisher had a small catalogue of meditative music.
They did six Popol Vuh releases. Four cassettes and two videos.

8528 - Geist des Friedens
8529 - Sei still, wise ICH bin
8580 - Agape Agape
8581 - Gesang der Gesänge

No year of release is indicated on the items. But the catalogue-numbers suggest they were all released in 1985
All photos on the covers of these cassettes are taken from the film ‘Sei Still, Wisse ICH bin’.

In 1991 the label premiered with the ‘Sei still’video-release, that was released also by Spalax in 1996, titled ‘Sinaï Desert’.
On the‘Kailash’-video 1991 as well as 1995 are mentioned as year of release: