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2024.03.25 - Very promising initiative by young musicians from the south of Germany:

"hey there, this is the lindau project! we got together in february 2024 with the aim of re-imagining the works of composer florian fricke & his collective 'popol vuh' for a concert setting on the occasion of the late composer's 80th year of birth. this clip is a remixed mash-up of our first rehearsal takes we recorded of 'steh auf, zieh mich dir nach' from the 1975 album 'das hohelied salomos'.  the amount of overdubs on this recording is ridiculously low. we are based in regensburg, amberg and munich;

our names are:

amelie klug – vox, perc, el 6-str git; jan fischer – piano, minimoog; fabian broicher – drums; marco grötsch – el 12-str git; luis dollinger – el barit git; max bolch – el 6-str git; mario messer – graphic design