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Music by

1. ‘Himal’, Prem Rana Autari
2. ‘Raja Mati’, written by Sur Sudha - Autari, Prem Rana / Vaidya, Bikahya / Shrestra, Surenda
3. ‘Silence of the Night’ Florian Fricke/Popol Vuh
4. ‘Tibetan Song’ by Llamo Dolma


BBC Four: The music complements the images perfectly. How much of it is new?
Werner Herzog: Some of it is from Nepal. There is one piece of music by Popol Vuh and Florian Fricke, who has done music for many of my films. Unfortunately Florian died a year ago. When I visited his widow I asked if she had some music I had not heard yet and I came across this piece and I knew immediately that this was the music I needed for my film. So not only does the music fit wonderfully in the film and transports the images somehow, it is also a bow in the direction of my friend who died.(Thursday 13 February 2003)
 (from: BBC - BBC Four Storyville - Werner Herzog Interview, Saturday 10th May 2003)


The piece 'Song of the Night' is identical with 'Ha'mut, bis dass die Nacht mir Ruh' und Stille kommt' from the album 'Cobra Verde'.