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What music of Popol Vuh is actually used for this film?

Information below is based on the findings by David Goodine (Toronto). With many thanks!

In order of appearance:

1. 'Bruder des Schattens'

With a heartbeat added.

2. 'Söhne des Lichts' (three excerpts)

Probably the choral part is 'Bruder des Schattens' and the guitar/piano part is 'Söhne des Lichts'.

3. 'Bruder des Schattens'

4. 'On the way'

Undubbed excerpt from 'In den Garten Pharaos'

5. 'Höre, der du wagst'

6. 'On the Way'

7. 'Bruder des Schattens' (excerpt)

8. 'Through the Pains to Heaven' (two excerpts)

Also an undubbed excerpt from 'In den Garten Pharaos'

9. 'On the Way'

10. 'Hore der du wagst'

11. 'Through the Pains to Heaven'

So two tracks from ‘Nosferatu’(Brain) are used: ‘Bruder des Schattens, Söhne des Lichts’ and ‘Höre der du wagst’. It may be that also

'Die Nacht der Himmel' is used. This is more or less identical with the beginning of 'Brüder Schattens - Söhne des Lichts'. We hear a 'choir' without instruments added.

From ‘Nosferatu’(Egg): 'On the way' and/or 'Through the Pains to Heaven II'. 'On the way' and 'Through Pains to Heaven' could be considered excerpts (undubbed without percussion) from the 'In den Garten Pharaos'-piece. Plus title piece from ‘In den Garten Pharaos’.