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LP: Bird of III Omen Recordings CARRION 004 / Nuclear War Now! Productions ANTI-GOTH 061 – 2007 - USA
CS: Primal Vomit Records – 2011 – USA [+ Bonustrack ‘Triumpf des Todes’ ]


Es Lebe Der Tod
Am Ende Des Weges

Liner notes / Remarks

Liner notes:

Scum: bass , guitar
Mrok: drums,
Atax: guitar, voice
Mr Blasphemy: voice
Music by Pest

Recorded in 2005 at WarNeck Studio.


According to Crucial Blast “Pest take samples of Popol Vuh's Nosferatu soundtrack and use them as interludes at the beginning and end of the side.”

Complete description:

Now available as a limited edition pro-manufactured cassette from Primal Vomit.
Here's another rad black metal record that I just got turned on to while checking out the Nuclear War Now back catalog, a self-titled 12" from Germany's Pest that came out a year or so ago, a vinyl only release, and it's an awesome assault of cavernous blackthrash and weird ambience that pays homage to the second wave of Scandinavian black metal while at the same time forging their own brand of teutonic hysteria.

This record features five tracks, a combination of reworked versions of songs that appeared on their debut album Ara from 1999 and brand new tracks, and as soon as the needle slips into "Es Lebe Der Tod" the Norwegian black metal influence is obvious, the sound a blackened whirlwind of buzzing riffs and scraped-throat howls, blasting drums and swirling dissonant leads, the primitive buzzsaw thrash of early Mayhem and Darkthrone channeled into chaotic blasts of cavernous roar. This strange reverberating atmosphere in Pest's music makes it sound like the band recorded their songs in a massive cathedral, the music echoing off of the walls and forming a massive wash of sound, low fi and raw but really powerful and immersive. On top of that, Pest throw in some interesting atmospheric touches that spin this out into left field, with chaotic blackened thrash assaults suddenly dissolving into washes of shadowy dark ambience, stretches of vast subterranean murk that suddenly explode into dissonant riffage, and wild psychotic laughter suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Then there's the song "Am Ende Des Weges" , which isn't black metal at all, but rather a dark instrumental piece with slowly waltzing accordian, piano and horn-like sounds lurching around blackened metallic chords like some warped nightmarish cabaret. On the flipside, Pest take samples of Popul Vuh's Nosferatu soundtrack and use them as interludes at the beginning and end of the side. There is a subtle kosmiche quality to Pest's music on this record beyond those samples though, with droning keyboards appearing throughout, hovering in the background behind the roaring reverb-drenched blackthrash like dark, threatening clouds. (Crucial Blast)