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ENDGAME - MEMENTO (a suite in 4 movements)


CDR: Auricle AMCDR 135 - 2008 - Great-Brittain


I Make A Mirror (for Florian Fricke) - 10:42 
Nearly Nothing (for Luc Ferrari) - 14:22
A Very Small Earthquake (for François Bayle) - 18:05
Set Sail For The The Sun (for Karlheinz Stockhausen) - 16:20


Liner notes:

Alan Freeman: guitar, synthesizers, Granulab, Spektral Delay, springboard
Steve Freeman: loops, prepared tapes, bass, guitar, synthesizers
Jim Tetlow: Spektral Delay, Sound Canvas, gadgets

Recorded: 4 February 2008 at Tachyon Studio, Leicester
Remix and edit: 24 August 2008 by Alan, using Sound Forge
Cover design: Alan Freeman. Photography: Jim Tetlow