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CD: Pampa CD 006 – 2012


Waiting for the rest II – 2:48
Jitters – 4:10
Still – 4:47
My Orphaned Son – 4:49
Bright Night – 4:17
Retracer – 3:47
Puma – 4:01
Santa Ana Winds – 3:59
Trudge – 3:36
Jitters (Geotic mix) – 4:39
Doc (Dntel mix) – 4:54
Paper Landscape – 4:26


Dntel on 'Paper Landscape':

“Originally I made this song for a live set that was centered around the music of Popol Vuh. I cut up their song 'Engel Der Luft' and then added some modular synth melodies that were created by a random pattern generator. I like that there are moments where the synth melodies really work perfectly and then parts where they clash. I’m very thankful that I got permission to use the Popol Vuh samples, the song wouldn’t have worked without them” ( Altsounds ).