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CD: Terminal Kaleidoscope TeKa 777 - 1995 - Holland


Visitation - 5:21
Rite Of Passage - 7:20
This Fragile Love - 3:03
And The Legend Days Return... - 3:57
Dream Cell #1 - 5:27  
Dream Cell #2 - 7:00
Serpent Time - 8:21
Stream Point Entry - 7:34
Circle The Sun And You Become One - 16:11
Desecreation - 7:07


Liner notes:

Phil Knight: keyboards [analogue, digital], electronics [processing, ambient feedbacking], sampler [sampling, performance cut-ups], percussion [arabic], performer [environmental manipulations, bottle and bicycle installations], written-by, composed by, producer
Composed, performed and produced between Summer '92 and Autumn '94 at various locations around Nijmegen, Holland "Dedicated to Mana" Originally released in a quantity of 1000.


The Silverman is the main alias of Phil Knight . He is a long-time member of the Legendary Pink Dots.
The opening of ‘Dream Cell #1' is strikingly similar to ‘Die Nacht der Seele’ from ‘Nosferatu’.
Phil Knight explained to me (march 2010) that he used a Popol Vuh-sample for one of the Legendary Pink Dots-tracks.
[Thanks to Tomasz Ostafinski for this reference.]