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LP: Lorck Pubication München - 1983 - Germany
CS: Teldec 64.23452 - 1983 - Germany
CD: Atlas Eclipticalis 004 - 2007 [ 100 copies, limited edition for Italian Popol Vuh Fan Club. Very special thanks to Johannes Fricke ]
LP: Wah Wah LPS 190 - 2017 - Spain [ 500 copies. With original innersleeve, 50-page booklet 'Das Alphabet des Körpers' and liner notes by Dolf Mulder ]


Track listing from: Lorck Publication München:

Side 1:
Gruppenseufzen zur Versöhnung der Erde mit dem Menschen - 17:20

Side 2:
Die Erde und ich sinds Eins - 12:10
Song of the Earth - 8:07

Liner notes

Liner notes from: Lorck Publication München:

Chanted by: Florian Fricke, Friedemann Wieland, Anni Morris- Wieland, Jana Faust, Gisela von Doering, Bettina Fricke-Waldthausen, Dieter Prym, Friedeman Berger, Ingeborg Jahnke, Jan Lorck-Schierning, Karl F.Weber, Claudia Wieland, u.a.
guitar: Daniel Fichelscher

Recorded at Gravedona, Santa Maria del Tiglio, 10 sept. 1983
München, 15 okt. 1983
Recorded by Frank Fiedler

All Compositions by Florian Fricke
Produced by Lorck-Verlag


Florian Fricke:
I wanted to say earlier I don’t just make records, film music and the occasional concert, I travel once a month somewhere in Germany and sing with people. I’ve been doing that for eight years now, in a choir. You could label it as ‘Body-space music’ (Körperraummusik) where you sing inside the body and take it in such a way that every cell in the body, from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head, starts to vibrate. In order to be able to realise this I have experimented to find where speech resonates in the body. The consonants vibrate at the body walls, the bones and flesh and the vowells fill the body spaces. And that sounds like a gong-concert: it also has a great therapeutic effect. This singing with other people is for me just as important as making records which might be heard in San Francisco. So each month I do that, in Cologne of Aachen of Stuttgart or wherever.
Ian Laycock: Always with the same people or does it change from town to town?
Florian Fricke: It varies. Most recently I sang with over fifty people in Frankfurt at a Gestalt Therapy Congress. There is also a recording of this type of performance. it’s called ‘Die Erde und Ich sind Eins’ (The Earth and I are one).
Ian Laycock: Is it available?
Florian Fricke: Yes, but it’s quite difficult to get hold of. It wasn’t put out for the music business, but for therapeutics. The background to it is that I experienced early on that the original sense of music is not for going crazy, but that it has an enormous effect on the psyche and the physical aspect of Humanity. And originally it was only used in these way thousands of years ago. And in the bourgeois development of the Romantics suddenly we are shown that the melancholy of Brahms is important or the morbid side of Chopin. And I’m absolutely not interested in any of that. Egotism through music doesn’t interest me, but rather the unbelievable active changing power of music. To go from speech to responsibility.(Audion)


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