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LP: PDU Pld.SQ 6066 - 1976 - Italy 
CD: High Tide 9119 - 1993 - Italy
CD: Spalax SPA 14207 - 1992
CD: Spalax - France - 1994
CD: Spalax - Germany - 1994
CD: Atlas Eclipticalis 006 - 2007 [100 copies, limited edition for Italian Popol Vuh Fan Club]


Track list from PDU Pld.SQ 6066 - 1976:

Side 1:
Yoga 1 - (Popol Vuh) - 22:10

Side 2:
Yoga 2 - (Popol Vuh) - 18:30

Track list from Atlas Eclipticalis 006 - 2007:

Yoga 1 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 2 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 3 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 4 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 5 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 6 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 7 - (Popol Vuh)
Yoga 8 - (Popol Vuh)
Bettina - (F.Fricke, H.Trülzch, N.Zie) [video musicale del 1971]
Aguirre "unknown excerpt" - (F.Fricke) [la vera colonna sonora di AGUIRRE - 1972]
Walter Steiner - (F.Fricke) [colonna sonora del 1974, inedita su disco]
Planica - (F.Fricke, D.Fichelscher) [colonna sonora del 1974, inedita su disco]
Oh wie nah ist der weg hinab "film version" - (F.Fricke) [versione da CUORE DI VETRO, forse un live]
In deine hände "film version" - (F.Fricke) [versione da CUORE DI VETRO, probabilmente un live]
Die fabrik des glases - (F.Fricke) [un inedito presente solo nel film, CUORE DI VETRO - 1976]


Liner notes

Liner notes from PDU Pld.SQ 6066 - 1976:

This record is dedicated to the followers of Yoga
Recorded at Bavaria Tonstudio, Munich
Produced by Florian Fricke with Indian musicians
All music by Popol Vuh
Produced for Ohr Musik GmbH.


2015.03.08  -  With many thanks to Sergey Soplenkov, I include a few lines from a correspondence with Al Gromer Khan:

As to the Yoga Popol record the musicians were: Pandit Sankha Chatterjee – table, Beena Chatterjee – vocals, Peter Müller – sarangi, Florian Fricke – indian harmonium, AGK (Al Gromer Khan) – sitar.
It was recorded at STUDIO 70 Munich in (I think 1974).

With best wishes


Gerhard Augustin: Tell me something; are you actually playing on the album YOGA?
Florian Fricke: This is part of the same chapter. YOGA is an unauthorized release. Some Indian musicians visited me in my studio, and somebody else took the tapes and sold them under the name of Popol Vuh, but it had nothing to do with Popol Vuh, really. I'm playing harmonium, and organ. I think it was released in Italy. (Eurock)


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