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EP: Psychout Records/Area Pirata Records - 2015


Side 1:

POPOL VUH - “Die Sanftmütigen” (Florian Fricke) – 2:40 [ listen at: Bandcamp ]
THE NICE - “Dawn” (Davison, Jackson, Emerson) - 4:05
LE STELLE DI MARIO SCHIFANO - “Susan Song” (Paul Thek) - 5:03

Side 2:

TERRY RILEY - “Embroidery” (Terry Riley) - 10:14
LA MONTE YOUNG - “The Tortoise, His Dreams And Journeys” - 3:41


Alberto Ezzu - voce, tastiere, chitarra el., synth, symphonia, basso, sitar;
Salvatore d'Urso ´Ursus´ - voce, percussioni
Pino Molinari - chitarra acustica
Rosalba Guastella - voci


'Thirty years ago we did our first LP and that’s how the No Strange (post No-Strani and post tape self production) discographic trip started and we achieved this also thanks to Toast Records , which was born officially at the same time. On this 10", our first out on this format, we decided to pay tribute to musicians that have been formative to us. This is the first time we play tracks we didn't write, but these aren't just covers... at all! They are personal interpretations of tracks that represents our roots. Tracks that are coming from the most intense period of our existence: the period between 60s and 70s. Distant souls that are always by our side, tinted with dreams. Psychedelic souls in self contemplation... for all their life.'