MP3: bandcamp - 2017


Calling All Beings - 8:13
The Golden Void - 4:24
Ashoka - 7:18
The Misanthrope's Blues - 3:57
Vampyre - 4:26
Minas Morgul - 5:18
Ruins - 4:12
Blind Statue - 6:11
Last Days, Last Nights - 5:16
The Streets of Charn - 5:24


Khan Tengri is a soloproject by Canadian artist Allister Thompson. Under the moniker The Gateless Gate, he composed earlier the tribute-track 'Für Florian Fricke', included on the 'Germania'-album (2013)


Thompson: "As far as I know, the beautifully spiritual “Last Days, Last Nights” from the eponymous 1976 album is Popol Vuh's only English-language song. The only thing wrong with the original version is that I find it too short! I always wanted the verse and chorus to repeat. So again, I recorded the version I’d like to hear." (Cited from the music blog Dayz of Purple and Orange)


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