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Empty House - The Rituals of Romance


Bandcamp:  UK - 2022


Soda Stream Pop - 8:32
The Rituals of Romance - 5:19
Every Little Step - 6:17
Agape-Agape - 5:15
The Blood of the Rose - 4:39
Cold Chow Mein - 10:33

Liner notes / Remarks

Fred Laird - piano, guitar, synth, organ. bass, dizi flute, Hulusi flute, various percussion, tanpura drone.
Nick Raybould - djembe and rasp on ‘Cold Chow Mein’.
Written, recorded and produced by Fred Laird spring 2022.
Art by Fred Laird.
Recorded in early 2022. Rituals of Romance is an album of rhythms and ambience, more krautrock infused. The album features a version of Popol Vuh's 'Agape-Agape' as well as 5 original tracks.
Released September 2, 2022
“Empty House is the solo work of Blackpool based musician Fred Laird. Formed in March 2021, Empty House is an ambient project that fuses electronics and found sounds with Asian instruments. The concept of the music is to create a dreamlike or meditative atmosphere for meditation, yoga, martial arts or just sat on the sofa staring at the drifting clouds from your living room window.“