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2CD: Gammarock 089299950/1 - 1992 - Germany


CD 1:
Justaboo - The Way
Patrick Gammon - Dreaming-Dance
Expedicion - La Partida
Expedicion - Todos Juntos
Patrick Gammon - Private Number
Justaboo - Prince Of Charming
Amon Düül II - Surrounded By The Stars
Rolf Zacher + Amon Düül II - Deutsch Nepal
18 Karat Adrenalin - Gold-Rush
Pepe Rojas - El Amor
Pepe Rojas - Mambo-Salsa
Justaboo - Happy People
Jo Shiro - Let's Feel Alive

CD 2:
Global Erotika - Dave-its Eros
AMRe DIAB - Enti Elle Arfa
Jo Shiro - Drifting
AMRe DIAB - Shawakna Minrerik
Djong Yun + Popol Vuh - Wo bist Du?
Steve Perry - Samba Pati
Patrick Gammon - Dreaming-Rock
Paul Millns/Olaf Kübler - Down In The Dangerzone
Popol Vuh - Am Tor
Pepe Rojas - Como un Rio
Justaboo - Happy People
Danny M & His Coke Company - Danny Tschüss!


Track 'Wo bist du?' is taken from the album 'Die Nacht der Seele' and 
'Am Tor' is taken from the album 'Herz aus Glas' [same as 'Hüter der Schwelle]