3CD: Cleopatra Records CLP 9772-2 - USA - 1996
3CD: Sonic Rendez Vous - 1996


CD 1:
Hawkwind - Valium 10 [12" Version]
Pressurehed - Slo Blo
Amon Duul II - Wolf City
Ron Geesin - Moninous
F/II Boots of Ascension
Cluster - Apropos Cluster
Architectural Metaphor - Brainticket
Gong - Gonwash Indelible
Porcupine Tree - Burning Shy
Chrome - Third from the Sun
Nik Turner - 10 Seconds of Forever
Alien Planetscapes - International Sponge

CD 2:
Guru Guru - UFO
Melting Euphoria - In Aquarian Pream
Kraftwelt - Electric Dimension [Zero Gravity Remix]
Dark Matter - Pazt Zero Time
Harmonia - Sehr Kosmisch
Darktar - This Alien Nation [Space Mix]
Micheal Modrcock's Deep Fix - Time Center
Farflung - Vizion of Infinity [7" Version]
Brainstorm - *6
Conrad Schnitzler - Contrapuntal Interstellar Radars
Hawklords - Time of...

CD 3:
Faust - Devoted Bone Dance
Helios Creed - Leaving The Body
Popol Vuh - Ich Mache Einen Spiegel - Dream Part 4
Anubian Lights - 12-24-2011
Nick Riff - Tribal Elders
Harvey Bainbridge - The Changing
Zero Gravity - Interferon
Dilate - Tangerine Sky
Kluster - 21:51 (Edit Version)
Steve Peregrine Took - Scorpius (Deep Space Version)
The Brain - Vortex In My Cortex
Spiral Realms - Cysyrgy
Surface 10 - Gamma Days


Track taken from the album 'Affenstunde'.


Joseph D.Rowland (Pallbearer):

"Popol Vuh is one of my favorite bands of all time. I'm not really sure how I came across Popol Vuh years ago, but they have consistently stuck with me as one of the most atmosphere-filled music groups that's able to conjure up such an incredible feeling, a meditative feeling, with simple but with awesome melodies, hypnotic". (2013)

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