CD: Milan - 1996


Go! - Tomandandy - 2:18
City Raga - Popol Vuh - 8:09
Tooth And Claw - The Residents - 5:10
Host Of Seraphim, The - Dead Can Dance - 6:18
Tahi - Moana & The Moa Hunters (roots mix) - 4:53
Ay Manu Wata Hai - Stewart Copeland - 4:03
Chenresie, Flame Of Peace And Compassion - Oliver Serano Alve featuring Dechen Shak Dagsay - 6:26
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence - Ryuichi Sakamoto - 4:36
Title - Ravi Shankar - 4:00
El Emigrante - Cachao/Andy Garcia - 7:19
Tuesday Night In Memphis - John Lurie - 7:30
Cognovi, Domine - Choir Of The Benedictine Nuns Of Sainte Marie De Maumont - 3:17
Salve Regina - The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos - 2:03


Track taken from the album 'City Raga'.


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