LP: Brain 0060.079 - 1977 - Germany 
LP: Egg 900.536 - 1977 - France (‘Coeur de verre’) 
CS: Egg 900 536 - 1992 - France (‘Coeur de verre’)
LP: Egg 17.1410 - 1977 - Spain (‘Coeur de verre’/'Corazon de Cristal')
LP: King Records GP708 - Japan - 1979 (‘Coeur de verre’) [ Two edtions ]
CD: Hightone - 1993
CD: Spalax SPA 14214 - France - 1992 (‘Coeur de verre’)
CD: G&P Essential Music –  Russia- 1992
CD: High Tide ‎– TIDE 9127-2 - 1993
CD: King-Nexus KICP2844 - Japan - 1999 (‘Coeur de verre’)
CD: SPV 085-70182 - Germany - 2005 (‘Coeur de verre’) [With bonus tracks ]  
CD: SPV - Japan - 2005 (‘Coeur de verre’) [ With bonus tracks]
CD: Belle Antique MAR 051031 - Japan - 2005
CD: Belle Antique BELLE 122027 - Japan - 2012 [Same as SPV-release ]
LP: Wah Wah Superson LPS 160/DE - Spain - 2015 [With insert; transparent vinyl; 500 copies ]
LP: Wah Wah Supersonic LPS 160/FR - Spain  - 2015 [With insert; vinyl; 500 copies ] (Coeur de verre')
CD: BMG 538694342 - EU - 2021 [ With bonustrack 'Earth View'


Track list from Brain 0060.079 - 1977:

Side 1:
Engel der Gegenwart - (Fricke) - 8:15
Blätter aus dem Buch der Kühnheit - (Fricke) - 4:17
Das Lied von den hohen Bergen - (Fricke) - 4:08

Side 2:
Hüter der Schwelle - (Fricke) - 3:45
Der Ruf - (Fichelscher) - 4:41
Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe - (Fricke) - 4:30
Gemeinschaft - (Fricke) - 3:47

Extra track on SPV 085-70182 - 2005:

Auf dem Weg - On the Way (alternative Guitar Version) - (Fichelscher) - 4:42
Hand in Hand in Hand (Agape Guitar Version) - (Fricke) - 5:44

Liner notes

Liner notes from Brain 0060.079 - 1977:

All guitars and percussion by Daniel Fichelscher
Piano by Florian Fricke
Flutes by Mattias von Tippelskirch
Sitar by Al Gromer

Produced by Florian Fricke and Renate Knaup
Licensed by Barclay/Egg
Produced at Bavaria Studio, Munich
Engineer: Hardy Bank, Frank Fiedler, Robert Wedel
Produced by: Florian Fricke & Renate Knaup
1977 - F.Fricke Productions


I have always been asking myself what might be the meaning of the titles ‘Dream Part 4', ‘Dream Part 5' and ‘Dream part 49'. The following connection with the work of Lamonte Young may shed some light on it.

In july 1969 La Monte Young and Marian Zarzeela were in Munich for their first public performance of their so called ‘Dream House’ concept. Young used the term ‘Dream House’ for his experiments with environments of continuous light and sound that he started in the early sixties.
Florian Fricke reviewed the Munich concert for the Süddeutsche Zeitung (july 8, 1969)

Part of this concert was released on the ‘Black Album’ (Edition X, 1969):

side 1
31 VII 69 10:26 - 10:49 PM Munich From Map Of 49's Dream The Two Systems Of Eleven Sets Of Galactic Intervals Ornamental Lightyears Tracery (23:03)

side 2
23 VIII 64 2:50:45-3:11 AM The Volga Delta From Studies In The Bowed Disc (20:21)


Gerhard Augustin: I saw the film "Herz aus Glas" (‘Coeur de Verre’) and I found that not very much of your music was used. In the album with the same name of the film, COEUR DE VERRE, is Popol Vuh's original album to be the soundtrack for the movie?
Florian Fricke: It was different. Sometimes they're produced for Werner Herzog's work. Sometimes he came to my house and he asked please open your box, where I have my tapes from my productions. When we are listening to music, sometimes he lifts his finger and says this part of your music would be great music for a film. Sometimes we have done in a very short day and night, time in studio at the end of production from his movies, chosen the music like this. The special music for COEUR DE VERRE ("Herz aus Glas") is Popol Vuh, but sometimes he needs music from Richard Wagner. But Richard Wagner never made film music for Werner Herzog. (Eurock)


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